Toolbox for Atmel AVR development


AVRtoolbox is a set of tools for AVR firmware development under GNU/Linux.
It is intended for non-expert users who have problems on installing compilers etc. or expert users who only want take a look on a tool with the possibility of easy deinstallation.

What is special on this set of tools?

The toolbox is managed by the AVRsuite toolbox manager using so called 'toolbox modules'. Every tool in the toolbox, even AVRsuite itself is such a 'toolbox module'.
Every module can be downloaded seperately (compressed archives containing the sources).
You only have to execute the 'install' script shipped with the module. AVRsuite do the rest: configure, dependencies, compiling. The AVRsuite module is therefore mandatory. All other modules are optional.
All modules reside in subdirectories of the AVRtoolbox installation directory.

A single symbolic link to start AVRtoolbox should be installed on the system.
After AVRsuite was launched, it will set up and compile all new modules and then opens a subshell with a PATH setting that allows you to start all installed tools by their names like they are installed conventionally.



For more information check the 'README' file that is installed by the AVRsuite module.

Available modules

Get them from download page.

Some of the following toolbox modules are not written by us and may have different licences!

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